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Pergola building in Adelaide

A pergola is a four-legged structure that takes the shape of a rectangle. What distinguishes a pergola from other outdoor structures is its roof. The roof is normally open and consists of horizontally placed wooden planks. Wergolas can be attached to a house or simply set in the backyard. They provide shade as well as support growing plants.


Factors to consider when opting to build a pergola in Adelaide

  1. Ensure that the structure does not interfere with the view of your house windows. Pergola columns should not be placed in the walkway.
  2. Use materials that can withstand harsh elements of weather. Recommended materials for the column include concrete, wood and polymer that is of high density. Wood from the cedar tree is the best though it will force one to pay an extra 20% or 30% of their budget. Alternatively, wood from the pine tree treated under pressure can be used. The purpose of treatment is to make it strong in order to withstand the harsh elements.
  3. You have to be aware that pergolas won’t protect against any form of precipitation such as rain. The notion of comparing its roof with that of an actual house is wrong.


Construction of a pergola can be done by an individual. They can as well contact an architect or a reputable builder like Homestyle Living Adelaide. Hiring the services of a relevant company to help with construction is an ideal option. You are likely to get an impressive design of the structure, timely constructed and with quality materials. You end up getting value for your money. You can search the internet for companies that offer services regarding pergolas then higher ones which you desire.

An alternative option entails constructing a pergola by an individual. However, problems are likely to surface especially if one does not have the required knowledge necessary for pergola construction. Skills and knowledge are essential and if one is not careful they may count losses in the long run. One may have the necessary knowledge and skills but the aspects of time and patience are not with them. If they lack these two essential aspects, problems with constructions are likely to be experienced as well.

It is important to note that other than pressure-treated wood, synthetic wood can be used too. Wood that is not treated must never be used. humidity affects wood that is untreated following attack by fungus, mould or simply due to rot. Degeneration of the structure is the eventual result which then fails after a short time.

Hardware to join various pieces into a fully-fledged pergola must be chosen carefully. Screws and nails have been in use for a long period linking carpentry objects. Nails are as fine as screws but they do not hold firmly as screws. Intense pressure usually causes objects linked with nails to detach.


Screws on the other hand hold firmly and securely. They are unlikely to pop out as nails from surfaces or frames where they are fitted. As suggested earlier, consulting a company that offers services related to outdoor structures is vital in determining the right hardware for fittings as well as the kind of lumber to be used.


Any physical activity requires some form of knowledge to be accomplished. Same way, the information shared aims at sharing knowledge on what it takes to set a pergola structure successfully.